Back to the 60's

A very inspiring trip to Liverpool in june 2017 made me write and record some new songs.

The city breathes a very special musical history. It is the birthplace of the Beatles and the Mersey Beat of the early 60s. Even today, places like the Cavern Club exude a certain aura. Through the trip I have worked intensively with the British beat music.

pic by Timo Waurick
pic by Timo Waurick

In my last band (Ramington Flashride) we always played a very hard and heavy music. The lyrics were very thoughtful and rarely dealt with loss, pain and anger.

That's why I've always been looking for a project where I can live my poppy, happy and melodious side. The typical Singer & Songwriter things with acoustic guitar was not so much my thing. With the Liverpool Trip I have finaly found the right Beat for my songs!